The Latest Jewelry OBSESSION… Be Inspired By RAW STONES With Their Irregular Beauty

As an artist I instinctively reach out for things I find to be beautiful- especially when it comes to materials I want to use in my jewelry designs. I love the intrigue and interest of raw stones with their natural imperfections and irregular beauty. I came across a strand of Ametrine raw stones also known as Trystine. These stones are a naturally occurring variety of quartz. It is a mixture of amethyst and citrine combined, sort of like bi-colored quartz. The shapes are fluid and similar yet each has its own characteristics. I couldn’t resist– knowing I had to create a necklace with them. The colors are as natural as a field of lavender with a hint of sunshine. Mixing in strands of fresh water pearls and a large linked chain of sterling silver… well it all came together late one night in my studio…

Shown here is the Ametrine and Pearl Provence Statement Necklace. This couture piece embodies irregular beauty and its natural imperfections. And while raw stones are trending in jewelry design for Spring 2017, I think they will always remain timeless in their beauty. I hope you agree.

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