The 90’s fashion trends have made their way back into the current fold of what to wear now and jewelry is bold with the Choker making a strong comeback. Make no mistake it will stay a front-runner for 2017. And whats not to love? The choker as a neck piece has become our best friend- and with good reason… they look fabulous with the off -the-shoulder trend we are all wearing now. Hair up or down, a choker is going to be noticed. They can be as simple as a ribbon or length of leather wrapped around your neck a few times, or as sparkly and statement making as the one shown here. Either way- its the look to try. 

Rock an over the top glamorous one with a leather jacket and jeans. Feeling more of a Bohemian vibe? Purchase some long suede strips (in your favorite color of course) at your neighborhood fabric store and wrap it around your neck and gently tie it to drape in front. The important thing is to feel beautiful wearing this trend that is sure to stay around for awhile.


Shown Is the Margo Choker in Vitrail Austrian Crystal by LFK Jewels

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